Friday, June 27, 2008

Championship Caliber

We traveled to Orange County this week to cheer on our nephew Josh. He was selected to represent the Mission Viejo All-Stars team and his team made it to the championship game! He may have been the youngest player on the team, but you'd never know it. He assisted with out after out while playing second base...and hit with more power than any nine-year-old I know. The two teams were neck and neck the whole game, but in the end Josh's team won 1-0!!!! As the crowd roared and the boys celebrated... I burst into tears. Hormones of a new mommy??? Nah....just pure joy at a victory well-fought for. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Noelle loves her cousin Viv

Joe, Noelle, and I were able to spontaneously visit Colorado Springs last week! One minute we were working on our new home (more on that later) and the next we were boarded an ExpressJet flight to Colorado. Noey did GREAT for her first-ever flight outside of mommy's belly. Once there, we enjoyed greeting our new Sunland Edge staff, catching up with this summer's Global Student Program at the Glen, and visiting with family. Noey got to meet Grandpa, her cousin Vivian, her Aunts Amy, Kristi, and Pamela, and Uncle Dave for the first time. Wow! What a visit.
We captured these cute shots of Noey and precious. The room lit up like paparazzi when these two first laid eyes (and heads on one another).

9 Pounds of Precious Baby month since my last's amazing how 6 pounds of baby (turned 9 lbs now!) can occupy your time!!! I've grown to LOVE being a mommy and Noelle brings Joe and I joy every day. We love watching her personality emerge. We've got quite the firecracker on our hands we think! She loves people, touch, and seeing the world from her perch high on Daddy's shoulder. Her head and neck look less 'bobble-headish' every day and she scoots around on her back now. She still doesn't know her hands and feet belong to her, that it's unladylike to pass gas in public, and how to say much besides 'coo' in the English language...but I'm sure it won't be long.