Friday, July 25, 2008

kinda corny

The Redlands Farmers Market is no ordinary place... Booths line the streets, overflowing with fresh produce, nuts, salsas, honey, bread, flowers, lotions, makeups, tupperware, and tube socks. Yes, tube socks. We found booths for every political party, social cause, and religious ideal. Musicians performed, kittens and puppies were sold, and Gothic teenagers lined the streets.

Mom, Amy, Kristin, Noelle, and I hadn't walked around long before we spotted the treat we had to have... fresh roasted giant corn on the cob smothered in whatever spices suited your tastes.

Yummy! So we ate our cobs as gracefully as we could, bought some delicious produce, and attempted to keep cool in the sweltering heat.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are the Champions, my friends....

I knew my baby sister was talented, I knew she took being the keeper for her club team quite seriously, I knew she had skillz... but I still was anxious as she and her team headed into the championship game this last Monday. The two teams were neck and neck the entire game, but when the whistle blew, Amy's team WON 1-0. Amy's team, United Mayhem, traveled from Colorado this past weekend to compete in an invitational tournament here in San Diego, California. Her entire team played well, and Amy delivered three shutout games...allowing only one goal during the entire tournament. What can I say...she got game!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Splish Splash's official. We've got a future Olympic swimmer on our hands! Noelle was made for the water! She's been enjoying the pool most every day during these "dog days" of summer. She loves her sweet shades, her new swim top, and watching her diaper grow to unbelievable sizes as it fills up with water. But I must say...she mostly loves that Grandma and Grandpa got in with her!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cute Baby = Free Stuff

Ahhhh....the Inland Empire Sixty-Sixers! Joe, Noey, and I joined the locals in cheering on the Dodger's A Team last night. They played the Modesto Nuts (yes, Nuts) and what a game it was. The players were young, the country music was blasting, and the mascot Bernie was the star of the show.

Joe and I practiced the art of bartering for goods with your baby. As the mascot looked for the most enthusiastic fan to win a free pizza, we simply lifted Noey high above our heads. Two winks and a slobbery smile later, we were gripping the esteemed prize. We enjoyed every bite of that cheesy reward, despite complaints for our neighboring fans that Noey hadn't let out one good cheer.

Later, when game balls were being tossed to fans, we stood and swayed with Noey once again. A player pointed us out and gently lobbed a ball our way. I could get used to these perks!

Balmy breeze, baseball, free stuff, and a night out with my girl and my man. Who could ask for more??

I love my man...

Two years... who knew so much could happen in such a small window of time? I married the man of my dreams, our fairy-tale wedding took place in a castle (which happened to be where we met!), we've traveled to three countries, lived in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and now the Inland Empire, we've traveled the northeast coast and driven the north-western coast of CA. We've spent the night in sketchy roadside inns, deluxe bed and breakfasts, many a friend's spare bedroom, 3-4-and 5-star hotels (we prefer the nice 3' breakfast!!), and even a yurt! We've led a summer training program together with students from all over the world, we've been blessed to work alongside each other in the Sunland region among the nation's finest. And now we've started our greatest adventure of all....parenthood! Through it all, I've fallen more deeply in love, and more deeply in awe of this man I've married. He draws me closer to my God and King, he challenges me, cares for me, protects and platforms me. We began the daunting task of dating and growing more and more vulnerable with each other three years ago...all the while clinging to and believing the truths in Ecclesiastes 3. "God makes everything beautiful in his time" and "whatever God does lasts forever, nothing can be taken from it or anything added to it". God's done it, I couldn't have dreamed up or created anything more grand. My life truly has become more beautiful with each passing day. Thank you God, for my wonderful husband.

Here we are...our 2nd anniversary and our first big date away from Noey! We felt like kids on the last day of school! We visited the gorgeous Mission Inn in our new hometown. It was, of course, VERY hot that day, so we've got the IE (Inland Empire) gleam!