Monday, November 1, 2010

the blitz

These last three weeks have been full, unique, and very special.  Joe flew to South Africa for two weeks to participate in a conference there, and Noelle and I traveled to Colorado to be with family and friends while our 'prince' was gone.  We reunited in California for five days, and we leave today for 10 more days of travel, conferences, and meetings.  Whew!  What could have been a very difficult season, has been so full of blessings thus far.  God has given all three of us safety, health, joy in our hearts, and great memories.  Thank you Lord for the family, friends (old and new), and experiences you've given us these weeks!  

Below is a quick highlight of some of them.  More to come later...

Joe reuniting with our good friend LuLu

Joe's table at the conference

We spent a day at the zoo with my good friend Liz and her kiddos

We toured a Fort Collins' pumpkin patch with Viv and Freesia

Mickey Mouse has captured the heart of all three girls!
  A month of firsts...Noey loved carving her first pumpkin with Grandpa T.  And she felt so beautiful and giddy as she trick-or-treated for the very first time!