Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Day

Hooray for family!  We are LOVING having the Davis' with us this week!  Kristi, Jens, Viv, and Freesia endured a 26-hour road trip (through the night and with a fever-ed child), to join us in California this week.  We spent two days at the beach, so fun.  The weather was pleasant, but not real warm (75 degrees).  Jens braved the wind and cold Pacific waters and spent lots of time in the waves.  Vivian and Freesia also enjoyed splashing around.  Noelle, their warm-blooded cousin, felt the weather was not quite up to par to be one with the sea.

Two princesses
Noelle loved 'helping Freesia' at the beach, and exploring with Daddy
Does it get any cuter??
Vivian was a real beach bum.  She loved swimming, digging, and examining the tide pools.

The daddies and girls with a baby crab

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beef to the Bourguignon

Yum. Perhaps it's because it's approaching dinner time. Perhaps it's the wine I'm sipping. Perhaps it's because I miss Amy...and Paris. Or perhaps it's because it's just soooo delicious. But I am CRAVING some scrumptious 'beouf bourguignon' (that's beef bourguignon for those of us from the U. S. of A.). Joe treated me to this delicious dish on my birthday in Paris, at a lovely street side bistro. Words cannot describe.

Later my sister Amy (a.k.a. Julia Childs) prepared me her version of this traditional dish.


Seeing as I don't plan on spending several hours making dinner tonight, and we are a LONG plane flight from that lovely bistro, I suppose I'll have to cover this craving with another. Chocolate anyone??