Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet Love

Wedding weekend in the Maschhoff household!  My beloved sister-in-law Kristine traded in her last name for a really great guy last Saturday.  We are thrilled to have Michael Eller join the fam. 

While it was unseasonably HOT last weekend in Southern California, the festivities were endless and the wedding timeless.  Joe was honored to perform the wedding ceremony for Kristine and Michael, and did awesome.  I wondered whether the tears would flow, but he remained composed and gave an inspiring charge to both those in attendance, as well as Michael and Kristine.  Noelle was pleased to be asked to be a flower girl at the ceremony, but this flower wilted under the pressure.  Tears DID flow, and she instead made a very beautiful niece on a church pew. 

Micheal and Kristine's reception took place in a vintage car cool.  We loved the street tacos, the champagne bar, the 'shake your booty' music that we didn't recognize (it was a humbling moment in realizing my age), how they smeared cake on each other's faces, the gorgeous table settings, and most of all... Michael and Kristine Eller! 

Here's to Michael and Kristine....may your love deepen and grow, may your marriage be filled with blessings, and may you more acutely know and experience the depths of your Savior as you live this new life united as one.  We love you!

The flower girl and a precious niece and nephew

The Bride and Groom
 The Kiss! (I like Lee's thumbs-up of approval)

Presented to you for the first time....Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eller

The post cake-smashing make-up smooch!

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Emilee said...

Great pictures. You guys all looked so amazing! Your sister looks so beautiful :)